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Cup with saucerCup with saucer
Cup with saucer Sale price270 kr
Coffee capsule holder in walnutCoffee capsule holder in walnut
TRAVERTINE BOWL LARGE Sale price2 890 kr
Storage jar OprahStorage jar Oprah
Storage jar Oprah Sale priceFrom 395 kr
Save 480 krServing dish wave x2Serveringsfat i trä lång
Serving dish wave x2 Sale price2 420 kr Regular price2 900 kr
Travertine dish SmallTravertine dish Small
Kaffekapselhållare i trä 5Kaffekapselhållare större kapslar
Travertine dish largeTravertine dish large
Travertine dish large Sale price1 290 kr
Organizer in walnutOrganizer in walnut
Organizer in walnut Sale price950 kr
Candle holder small TravertineCandle holder small Travertine
Bowl in WalnutBowl in Walnut
Bowl in Walnut Sale price690 kr
Alma Fruit Bowl TravertineAlma Fruit Bowl Travertine
Candle holder large TravertineCandle holder large Travertine
Serving platter in walnutServeringsfat i valnöt
Travertine candle holder Travertine candle holder
Cake plate Walnut highCake plate Walnut high
Cake plate Walnut high Sale price1 990 kr
Hilda bowl TravertineHilda bowl Travertine
Hilda bowl Travertine Sale price1 490 kr
Coaster in walnut Glasunderlägg i trö wenom
Coaster in walnut Sale price590 kr
Vase in Travertine
Vase in Travertine Sale price1 760 kr
Salt och pepper behållare i valnöt elvaSalt och peppar behållare i valnöt
Ljushållare i marmorLjushållare liten travertin
Serveringsfat rund i valnöt Walnut tray Madonna
Walnut tray Madonna Sale price540 kr
Candle holder large TravertineCandle holder large Travertine
GIFT CARD Sale priceFrom 500 kr
Sold outStorage jar in WalnutStorage jar in Walnut
Sold outCake plate walnut lowCake plate walnut low
Cake plate walnut low Sale price1 750 kr
Sold outVanessa Storage box TravertineVanessa Storage box Travertine
Sold outTidskriftssamlare i trä 7Tidskriftssamlare i trä 5
Serveringsbricka i träServeringsfat i valnöt
Serving dish wave Sale price1 450 kr
Pappershållare i valnöt 3Hushållspappershållare i valnöt
Sold outInterior detail in walnut Pia Interior detail in walnut Pia
Ljushållare i trä 3Ljushållare i trä 3
Ljus beigeLjushållare i trä 3
Candles Malala Sale price150 kr
Sold outMagazine collector DianaMagazine collector Diana